Water Heating System

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Agni water heating systems namely AWHS. Our product is catering to the requirements of hotels, lodges, hospitals, hostels and service apartments etc. These water heating systems are known for its high end features such as low fuel consumption, easy to install, operate and maintain. These are used in hotel industries, housing society, hostels, industries where boil/hot water is required in bulk

Water Heating System

We offer Agni Water Heating System. Our equipments  are designed using the advanced combustion technologies of energy saving that results in maximum utilization of available fuel. This systems generates more energy using lesser amount of fuel. The AGNI water heating systems offered by us are fully automatic equipment which can heat 1000 liters of water from normal temperature 20°C to 50°C in just 20 minutes using only 3kg of H.S.D. and a negligible amount of single phase electricity ( 42.5W). our experts make use of high quality material for insulation of these systems. This ensures minimum loss in temperature during storage. Owing to such features, these are suitable heating systems across a wide spectrum of consumers requiring 500 liters a day to 6000 liters an hour. The heat generating capacity and the temperature retaining feature acts together in meeting the clients' specific requirement.

Some of the advantages are mentioned below:

  • The loss in temperature for the hot water stored in Agni Water Heating System is meager (4°C to 5°C
    only in two weeks )

  • Round the clock facility of hot water

  • Guarantees a long term solution for the continuous supply of hot water through out the year
  • Heating System

    Heating System offered by us are precision designed and developed systems that feature advanced combustion technologies that is energy saving as well as results in achieving maximum utilization of available fuel. These systems help in generating more energy using lesser fuel and can be offered in fully automatic operating conditions. These systems have in them capacity to heat water from normal temperature in quick time using least amount of power. Further, our experts also make use of quality material for insulation of systems that assures of minimum loss of temperature during storage period.

  • Suitable heating systems for a wide spectrum of consumers

  • Coming in different heat generating capacities and temperature retaining features as per
    clients' specific requirement